Getting Started

IMPORTANT: Before you start, please note that the competition on the network is very severe. Use the calculator to get a rough estimate of how much you can expect to earn. Remember that this is not an airdrop.
I will not be responsible for your financial loss if you run the prover. If you are just looking for profit, most probably you will lose money. Do you own calculations before joining.


Use this prover, checkout branch testnet3-new, and connect to the pool at

Precompiled version

Download from here.

Building the prover

1. Install Rust

DO NOT install Rust using things like apt install rust.

If rust is already installed: Make sure you have at least Rust 1.65. Check with rustc --version.

Install the latest version of Rust using rustup. Run the following line:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

Accept default options by pressing Enter or customize if you need to.


source "$HOME/.cargo/env"

OR Log out and log in again to finish the installation.

2. Install dependencies

Install following dependencies using the package manager of your distribution: (THIS IS NOT COMMANDS THAT YOU SHOULD COPY AND PASTE)


On Debian / Ubuntu, running the following command should be enough:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install git clang libssl-dev pkg-config --no-install-recommends
3. Clone and build the prover

Unless absolutely necessary, DO NOT run anything with sudo. You don't need root permission from now on.

Clone the prover repo:

git clone -b testnet3-new
cd aleo-prover

Build the prover using cargo:

cargo build --release

If the build successes, Run the prover:

cargo run --release -- -a aleo1your_address_here -p


target/release/aleo-prover -a aleo1your_address_here -p


Command "cargo" not found

Did you follow every step above exactly? Pay special attention to the bold parts. When uncertain, reboot the machine.

rustup says rust is already installed
I have rust 1.61

You have installed Rust through `apt`. If you don't know what's going on, Run:

sudo apt purge cargo rust-* --autoremove

Then follow the instructions again.

error: no matching package named snarkos-node-messages found when building

Make sure you have Rust 1.65 or above. Check with rustc --version. If you have Rust 1.61, see the above item, and reinstall Rust with rustup.
Otherwise, try running cargo clean and build again.

Prover stops if I close the SSH connection

Try using screen or tmux. Click the links for tutorials.